Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Haiku Southern Hemisphere

Black night
Black Sabbath playing
Suddenly white noise

Table mountain
Looking down the abyss
Falcon rises

Mosquitos buzzing
As we eat and talk
And welcome the bats

Past the waterfall
Cormorant dries its' wings
My dry mouth

Brooding heat
Impala runs for shadow
Cheetah for impala

Vacuity and vainness
A ferris wheel


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Easter Island and the Garbage Problem

Easter Island is extremely vulnerable to garbage. There is hardly any place to store garbage; in fact there’s only one garbage dump. Not only people living on the island but also the tourists produce garbage. Lately the islanders collected plastic garbage that the ocean had drifted onto its shores.
Garbage is divided into several categories, so that some of the garbage can be recycled. 

The collection bins have notions in Rapanui and Spanish (Castellano). The black bin is for aluminum, the red one for electronic waste, the blue one for paper and carton, the yellow one for plastic bottles, and the green one for glass or glass bottles. Everything should be cleaned before being dropped into these collection bins.
Plastic bottles can be flattened and pressed, but have to be transported back to mainland Chile.
Still there remains lots of garbage that can’t be separated and recycled. What should become of this waste? Build a new island? No, only restrictions on what can be taken to Easter Island may reduce the problem.

That's all I have concerning the garbage dump - a picture out of a running car on a rainy day


Gedichte El Calafate 12.12.2017

Von MondFahrern und anderen

Aus des Mondes Mond
Werden ErSteigen

Dem Mond entGegen
Der Welt entGegen
Gott entGegen

Ein Schritt
Ein großer Schritt

Mit einem Schritt
Nur einem Schritt
Bist du im AbGrund

Kein MarschBefehl

Das Wort ist geFallen
Und zerBorsten
In 1000 Wörter und Zungen

Mosaike und Labyrinthe
Keine OrtsAngaben
Nur ZeitVermerke

Im Schweigen
Des blauen Auges
Ein ZerrBild im Spiegel

ZerHackte Silben
Neu zusammenGefügt
Gefallen wird das Wort

Das SternBild der Kakerlake

Wenn alles verGeht
Die Kakerlake überLebt

Wir sollten uns anfreunden
Mit der Kakerlake

Warum nicht beGinnen mit
Dem SternBild der Kakerlake?

Alle Gedichte geschrieben in El Calafate (Argentinien)


Easter Island and the Graveyard

The graveyard in 1990

You might remember my obsession with graveyards. On Easter Island there is on graveyard and I visited it in 1990 and in 2017. Of corpse, there are more graves than 27 years ago, but the graveyard has undergone changes. It looks more vivid, there are flowers now in between the graves and the tombstones have changed. You find classical crosses but also graves with a moai or inscriptions, which resemble the Easter Island scrip (Rongorongo style). I see in these changes a new identity of the islanders, who might be catholic but are Rapanuians at the same time.